Love Story

After years as a very busy sideman in New York guitarist Matt Munisteri was able to recruit some of his favorite players for a band that would allow for both elegantly constructed songs and mature improvisation. Above all he sought to create material that was true to his time and experience, without beating the easy retreat into retro cliché, haphazard ironic pastiche, or faux-folksy hokum. Brock Mumford is the end result, and the band’s music sounds like a wistful trip back to a long forgotten era in American popular music that hasn’t even happened yet.


  1. Lonely Acres In The West
  2. Let’s Do Something Bad
  3. Sign Me Up (Munisteri)
  4. Johnny (Munisteri)
  5. Cry Cry Cry
  6. Mysterieuse
  7. Lazy Bones
  8. The Signifying Rag
  9. Lucky Old Tramp
  10. Picciaridu
  11. Sparkle
  12. Sidestep [Hideaway]
  13. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right
  14. Orange Crate Art



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