Hell Among the Hedgehogs

“Hell Among the Hedgehogs”
New Explorations in The Hot Guitar

1. Muskrat Ramble
2. Hell Among the Hedgehogs
3. Deep Henderson
4. Along the Navajo Trail
5. Too Much of a Good Thing
6. Okey Doke
7. Singin’ the Blues
8. You Just Take Her
9. You’re Bound to Look Like a Monkey

We’re living in an amazing new renaissance of the acoustic guitar in hot  jazz (well, ok, “gypsy jazz”: what-EH-vrrr), but across our fertile prairies, swampy southland, and wild west there still remains that lingering flicker of a nearly extinguished tradition of hot jazz and the electric guitar. Frequently called “redneck” or “hillbilly” jazz, its exponents are said to carry the flame of The Hot Guitar. Whit and Matt plug in, turn up, and play it hot on this new disc.  Ask them to come to your town, and – lookout – they just might! For the complete story read “About This Album” here.

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