Bill Frisell’s “Guitar Invitational” – with Munisteri, Lage, Sewell, Ross

You know, you try so hard to be different…but the one thing I can not escape sharing with pretty much every other improvising guitarist of the past 40 years is that I love and have OF COURSE been influenced by Bill Frisell. Our paths crossed infrequently over the past ten years, but we finally have had a chance to play together a couple of years ago thanks to The Fretboard Journal.  In fact, check THIS out!  On June 21st Bill hosts a “Guitar Invitational” as part of the Alternative Guitar Festival, and I’m so happy to have been asked to join Julian Lage, Marvin Sewell, and Brandon Ross to perform with Bill’s trio, including Tony Sherr and Kenny Wolleson. All three of the other “invitees” are favorite guitarists (in fact, everyone on stage will be a friend, which doesn’t happen every day – git yer tickets soon!)

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