Matt pays a visit to The Fretboard Journal

Matt at the undisclosed bunker that is Fretboard Journal World Headquarters

While in Seattle, between playing Djangofest NW and his show at The Royal Room, Matt stopped by the offices of The Fretboard Journal (the world’s premier “aren’t guitars totally faboo – I WANT THAT ONE!!” periodical)  to record a podcast and make a video with publisher Jason Verlinde. The interview herein unearthed the following heretofore classified revelations: Matt’s teenage encounters on the road with William Burroughs; being paid in walrus jerky to play western swing for the February gathering of the Sami tribes north of the arctic circle; His worshipful undergraduate studies in the arts of P-Funk, James Blood, Vernon Reid, and Sly Stone; The trials of being fat, white, and afro-ed while seeking out Ralph Stanley records in the “Stayin’ Alive” Brooklyn of the 1970’s; His 3 month solitary confinement in Prague just post The Velvet Revolution; His being sworn to a blood oath to by the legendary Izzy of the Folklore Center to avenge the evils of Pete Seeger; The startling – and contentious – disclosure that Roger Sprung is still alive; Matt’s claim that listening to some jazz leaves him with the feeling that he is being lied to…and so so much more!

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