NEW ONLINE CLASSES – through Peghead Nation

Peghead Nation has just launched (Oct 4th 2017) a course I’ve designed on The Roots of Jazz Guitar. Peghead Nation is a great hub for online lessons, gear reviews, and the enhancement of a growing stringed instrument community – I’m so happy they recognize the need for a class like this! We’ll be learning techniques and repertoire associated with the acoustic jazz guitar pioneers of the 1920’s and ’30’s, including Eddie Lang, Nick Lucas, Dick McDonough, Freddie Green, Carl Kress, Lonnie Johnson, Allan Reuss, and many more. With a range of lessons, updated every month, it’s our intention to have material that both intermediate and advanced players alike can sink their teeth into. It’s been incredibly fun and eye-opening to try to define and develop this curriculum, and I hope that some day it will stand as a meaningful resource for all things related to the acoustic guitar and swinging, stomping, and ragging (not to mention the occasional waltzing and hoedowning!)

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